Course curriculum

    1. Atom Probe Research in a Multi-User Facility

    2. Atom Probe 101: Insights and outcomes of teaching an inaugural APT course

    3. Technology of APT: Advanced Specimen Preparation - How and Why

    4. Technology of APT: Investigation of hydrogen embrittlement in high Mn TWIP steel via correlative microscopy (ECCI and APT)

    5. Technology of APT: Pole Indexing and Spatial Distribution Maps. What's Your Orientation?

    6. Technology of APT: Ranging, Peak ID, Peak Deconvolution: The Basis of Everything You Do in APT

    7. Technology of APT: Scripted Acquisition

    8. Technology of APT: Time to Knowledge - Specimen Preparation and Data Acquisition Automation

    9. Easy 3D Nanoscale Analysis with Atom Probe Tomography

    10. Introduction to Applications and Technology of EIKOS-UV

    11. Introduction to EIKOS-UV and AP Suite 6

    12. What to Expect When You're Expecting an Atom Probe

    13. Introduction to Atom Probe Tomography: Landmark Registration and Tip Profile Reconstruction

    14. IVAS 3.8 2D Field Evaporation Simulator

    15. IVAS LT and AP Suite Collaboration License

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